Legal requirements for intelligent and automated technology scouting

Technical implementation in compliance with copyright and data protection hurdles

Article by Marco Müller-ter Jung / Lewin Rexin | CR 3/2022, Dr. Otto Schmidt Publishers

This article deals with the legal requirements that must be met when setting up a technology radar that is intended to enable companies to recognize new technology trends at an early stage and to make the time-consuming process of gathering information in technology management easier and more efficient. First, the technical processes of information retrieval via API data retrieval and web crawling as well as the automated analysis of the information for the purpose of data preparation for the radar and the training of the crawler and the AI model are described (I.). The legal analysis then focuses on a copyright classification of the use of texts for the purposes of the technology radar (II.) and on a presentation of the challenges under data protection law (III.). The article ends with a conclusion (IV.).

Our colleague Marco Müller-ter Jung will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the topics covered in this article and questions regarding the legally compliant implementation of technology radar tools.

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