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Dbriefs Legal Webcasts | Powers of the trade unions and staff representatives in the company: A comparative approach of the parameters for employers in various jurisdictions

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11 December 2019, 12:00 – 1:00 PM CET | Webcast

Host: Nathalie Pequiman | Presenters: Fernando Bazan, Dr. Martin Doepner, Laura Nazarian de Morais, and Jolin Song

Freedom of union association is warranted in most jurisdictions. Within the company, this freedom may conflict with the freedom of enterprise. This Dbriefs webcast aims at presenting and understanding the scope of the trade unions/staff representatives' powers in the company as well as at comparing the parameters for employers in various jurisdictions, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, and Spain. It will address the following key points:

  • Do the trade unions/staff representatives have a right to be informed and/or consulted on all or part of the employer's decisions?
  • Do they have a right to co-determination when it comes to decisions on the employer's strategy?
  • Are they entitled to negotiate with the employer to create rules applicable in the company?
  • What are their means to operate at the workplace, e.g., via email, website, specific premises, etc.?
  • What are the limits to their freedom of speech?
  • Do they have the power to bring a claim before the court/competent authorities in their name or in the name of the individual employees or together with the individual employees?
  • Is there any mandatory requirement for the employer to allocate funds to trade union activities?

Our Deloitte Legal specialists will enable the participants to have a better idea of how to address and handle trade unions/staff representatives' claims at the workplace in various jurisdictions.


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