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Dispute Prevention, Arbitration and Litigation

Strategic Legal Consultation prior to and in the course of Legal Disputes

Legal disputes are expensive and do generally not represent an efficient way to achieve business success. It is thus our goal to avoid or resolve legal disputes. However, there are cases where (arbitral) court disputes may be necessary and in some cases – for tactical or strategic reasons – even reasonable.

Our team of highly specialized lawyers advises and assists clients in the context of acute conflict situations or distressed projects, either in arbitrational proceedings (mediation) or by means of other measures of conflict avoidance.

Moreover, we also represent our clients in all legal disputes in the fields of technology law (such as disputes in connection with IT projects or data protection), intellectual property (e.g. IP infringements or license agreement disputes) or competition law; before all ordinary courts, arbitration courts and before public authorities (litigation). This also includes legal representation before the data protection authorities.

Furthermore, we represent our clients in the field of personality, photo, press and expression rights (reputation management) in safeguarding and enforcing their rights. If requested or necessary, we can always rely on our network of experienced consultants from other areas of expertise (such as press and media specialists).

A particular focus of our work is the provision of advice and the legal representation in the field of strategic litigation, for example in order to secure new business models or in the context of dealing with competitors.

Issues in the digital business are regularly at the interface of law and technology and require a multidisciplinary approach. Deloitte Legal combines expertise and experience in the areas of law, tax, business consulting and IT consulting with global resources to provide cross-border interdisciplinary counselling.

Curious? Please do not hesitate to contact us! On request, we gladly provide you with an overview of our solutions for dispute avoidance, arbitration and litigation.

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