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Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for manufacturing

FastLean for cloud, mobile, and industry

Deloitte Digital’s FastLean offering, created for sales and services teams within the manufacturing industry, is designed to accelerate your customer success and bring increased account insight and activity efficiency to its users.

FastLean is Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for manufacturing. It helps sales reps have meaningful conversations with clients, offer timely service, and solicit feedback through satisfaction surveys to continuously improve performance.

The real-time interaction manager provides a 360 view of each account. The geoplanning feature helps sales reps plan their visits efficiently, finding optimized routes so they can complete more visits per day and quickly respond to customer interactions.

FastLean provides customer overviews that highlight potential cross-selling opportunities, visit checklists to help the sales rep steer the conversation, and the opportunity to complete a meeting report in real-time.

Watch the video to learn more about FastLean solutions. 

fastlean account insight and efficiency