Baltic Private Equity survey

Capital Market overview 2010-2019

We are pleased to present the first Baltic Private Equity survey results which cover the 2010-2019 period.

This post financial crisis period has proven that the Baltic economies are able to cope and recover from large economic downturns successfully. In this period, the Baltics have seen growth in private capital managers activity in the region, which in turn have given their fair share of contribution to the development of the region.

Since 2010 Baltic Private Equity and Venture Capital sector has demonstrated rapid growth with EUR 1.3B of new capital raised. 2019 was a record year with EUR 490M raised. The fact that the vintage of majority of funds is less than three years and that the majority of capital raised (EUR 800M) is still available for investments, sends a strong and positive message for businesses development opportunities across the Baltics and perhaps beyond.

Baltics market is in rapid development stage – 14 new funds commenced their activities in 2019, majority of which - 8 with Pan-Baltic focus, 5 Lithuania focused funds and 1 Latvian focused fund. There were no new funds focused primarily in Estonia due to lower number of government funded early stage venture capital funds and accelerators.

Baltic Private Equity survey results (pdf)
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