Deloitte NEXT launches technology-innovation hub in Estonia led by Agur Jõgi


What is Deloitte NEXT? 

Advancements of new technologies disrupt traditional business models and force businesses to innovate and transform rapidly. Corporations often fail in this process because of their inability to overcome the natural resistance to change and to effectively cooperate with startups.

Deloitte NEXT as our strategic innovation advisory platform helps clients overcome these obstacles to become more innovative and responsive to change. Our specialised Deloitte NEXT team focuses on three key areas:

  • Innovation Strategy (the right focus)
  • Business Design (the right concepts)
  • Culture Development (the skillset to scale) 

Why Estonia? 

Estonia is the premier startup nation of Central and Eastern Europe. Having access to the market where innovation is born will further improve our ability to attract the best people, build new alliances, and acquire innovative companies. All this ultimately results in enabling individuals and companies to realize their full potential. 

At Deloitte NEXT, we measure our success by our capability to generate ideas, turn those ideas into viable solutions and implement the solutions supported by latest technology while leveraging the potential that we discover in aligning the startups and corporations.  

Why Agur Jõgi?

Agur Jõgi is a seasoned expert with experience in both the startup and corporate worlds, with main experience in telco, financial and IT industries. He shares Deloitte’s view that connecting the two (startups and corporations) is the key to success for both. As an innovator and creator, Agur excels at finding out-of-the-box solutions for “impossible to solve” challenges. Cultivating startups and piloting change are his passions. In his professional career he served as CEO, CIO, COO and CTO in a number of high-profile tech corporations such as Bigbank, MYJAR, Elion and Skype; and is co-founder and team mentor of multiple startups (askRobin, Raybike) and acts as startup mentor at platforms such as The Global Hack, Enterprise Estonia and Startup Wise Guys.

We are excited to welcome Agur on board as Head of our Deloitte NEXT technology innovation hub based in Tallinn, Estonia.

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