Corporate Law

We always focus on the needs of our clients in order to deliver relevant, innovative and financially efficient tax and legal solutions that add value to their businesses.

Whether you intend to start a business in Estonia or you have already been conducting it successfully, your decisions and internal operation of your company will be subject to corporate law regulation. If you want to make sure that you do not only observe these legal regulations but also apply them to the maximum extent possible to pursue your business intentions and to conduct the day-to-day administration of your company, please contact our experienced lawyers.


How we can help you:


  • Establishment of business corporations and branches of domestic and foreign legal persons.
  • Set-up and operation of joint ventures.
  • Changes in the already existing companies (e.g. changes of statutory bodies, registered office, business name, scope of business or any other change in foundation documents) and transfers of shares.
  • Compliance and corporate secretarial services.
  • Increasing and decreasing share capital implemented in various forms, additional contributions outside share capital.
  • Distribution of profit and insolvency tests.
  • Stock and option plans.
  • Option of shareholder buy-out, sale of enterprise or the parts thereof.
  • Legal relationships in groups of companies, drafting reports on related parties transactions.
  • Full legal assistance in liquidations.


Marko Pikani

Marko Pikani

Attorney/Head of Legal

Marko has extensive professional experience in corporate dispute resolution and procurement law. Over the last 10 years he has acquired a unique blend of legal, technical and economic skills, obtained... More