Intellectual Property (IP), Data & Technology

Companies are facing an increasing number of business challenges globally including more rigorous regulations and enforcement by local authorities in the countries where they operate. At the same time digitization and technological advancements have increased the complexity of business operations.


The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced stringent privacy rules that applies directly throughout the EU. Privacy regulations are implemented in local laws based on the European Directive on the protection of personal data (95/46/EG). In addition, the Act on Notification of Data Breaches (Wet meldplicht datalekken) entered into force.

The protection of personal data of employees, customers and suppliers is important within every company or organisation. It can be a differentiator and a competitive advantage, especially in this digital world where privacy gains importance also following the introduction of financial penalties for non-compliance.

Deloitte Legal assists businesses with:

  • Assess your level of personal data protection via a Privacy Impact Assessment 
  • Personal data transfers to countries outside EU, e.g. drafting Binding Corporate Rules (BCR’s), privacy manuals & policies.
  • Review and draft data protection clauses and/or privacy related contracts and/or (online) privacy policies
  • Data retention obligations 
  • Cookie policies 
  • Act as a (Legal) Subject Matter Resource within the Internal Audit department. Review and draft data protection clauses and/or privacy related contracts and/or (online) privacy policies


Making more of your IP assets

Proper IP management – identifying IP, protecting and maintaining IP and commercially optimizing IP becomes more and more important to keep a competitive market position.

Deloitte Legal combines a broad and deep base of knowledge and experience in local legislation with global reach to provide cross-jurisdiction legal advice. With our innovative tooling and an integrated approach (combining multiple service lines) Deloitte Legal advises you on:

  • Handling of all IP matters, identification, registration, protection and/or (re-)structuring of IP (e.g. trademarks, patents, design rights, plant variety rights, copyrights, database rights). 
  • Advising and drafting IP related contracts; license-, transfer- and R&D agreements and representation before authorities.
  • IP monetization – identifying core and non-IP, advising and preparing a plan to align business and IP strategy to commercialize and optimize the IP.


Statutory and regulatory compliance

Companies today need to comply with what can be a daunting multitude of national and international legislation and regulations, and need effective business processes to ensure compliance and prevention of regulatory issues. Deloitte Legal provides businesses with guidance on statutory and regulatory obligations relevant to their industry and their operational base including:

  • Trade conventions
  • Fiscal and financial regulations
  • Intellectual property restraints
  • Environmental regulations.

Deloitte Legal spends the time necessary to understand the unique needs and operational nuances of individual companies. We offer a broad base of commercial business solutions and have a large global footprint. Our experience allows us to provide businesses facing complex legal regulations and challenges cohesive, practical advice.



Marko Pikani

Marko Pikani

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