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Before joining the tax team at Deloitte Estonia, Liisu Lell worked at the Tax and Customs Board for five years, where her main responsibilities have been conducting tax audits. During the last 3 years she has specialized in international taxation and coordinated tax audits. She has also practical experience with business restructuring and financing transactions (such as mergers and divisions, transfer pricing and taxation of capital income), procedures to avoid double taxation, the taxation of permanent establishment and non-residents as well as participating in income tax related lawmaking.

Liisu Lell has a MBA in law, she has passed the training program on the investment management specialty in University of Tartu. Liisu has also participated in a number of OECD tax seminars as well as conducted various income tax related trainings herself.

Liisu has previous working experience in banking sector, where her main responsibilities were financial planning for major clients, which entailed proposing financial services, asset management as well as offering professional advice regarding investment and insurance products.

Liisu Lell