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Whenever a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, Deloitte provides a swift response to help member firms account for the safety of their people, provide necessary relief, and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

The primary focus of the DTTL Global Security Office (GSO) is to keep Deloitte's people safe, particularly during times of emergency or when they are called upon by clients to work in higher-risk areas. A comprehensive program has been put in place to address ever-present threats around the globe. "Clearly, our people are Deloitte's number one asset, and we take our obligation to protect them very seriously," says Ted Almay, DTTL Global Security Officer.

During FY2014, the GSO implemented several new approaches to better serve Deloitte professionals and member firms. Principal among these programs was the hiring of three DTTL regional security managers based in Brazil, the Netherlands, and Singapore. "Having security leaders in the regions puts us closer to our member firms and helps us to be better prepared to deal with crises where they are happening," Almay explains.

The GSO team leverages the infrastructure and best practices of its largest member firms through the formation of a new steering committee. Security professionals from GSO and DTTL’s three largest member firms comprise the group, which serves in an advisory role to help build out the organization’s global security strategy. This committee supplements the existing Global Security Council, which is a network of Deloitte security and risk professionals, and other leaders from the majority of Deloitte member firms.

Watching world events

The GSO team also tracks world events on a daily basis for potential impacts on Deloitte's people and member firms. Whenever a crisis occurs, GSO, in conjunction with DTTL's Global Crisis Management Team, responds swiftly to help member firms account for the safety of their people, provide necessary relief, and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

Threats come in many sizes and forms, including geopolitical instability, crime, and natural disasters. "For example, GSO assisted in evacuating 88 Deloitte practitioners from several member firms following an attempted coup in South Sudan in mid-December 2013," Almay says. "This required close coordination with the United Nations, and we were able to secure the only available aircraft to get our people safely out of the country." A month earlier, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. Almay notes, "Although our local member firm professionals were not directly impacted, DTTL and the South East Asia member firm’s Philippine office took extra measures to help move stranded family members to safety."

Risk awareness for travelers

Deloitte member firms may have more than 20,000 people traveling to serve clients on any given day. GSO provided guidance and security planning support in FY2014 for more than 880 member firm engagement teams that were considering work in potentially troublesome areas of the world. As part of DTTL's global travel security protocols, member firms are encouraged to incorporate security into their travel programs and consult with the GSO before undertaking travel to high-risk locations.

When member firm engagement teams cannot avoid traveling to high-risk locations, the GSO can assist them with designing comprehensive security plans, including location-specific security briefings, hotel and transportation recommendations, on-the-ground project logistics, and direct security support, as needed. In doing so, GSO leverages a network of specialized security providers who are based in many high-risk locations.

DTTL maintains a global relationship with a leading emergency medical and security provider to quickly mobilize resources to assist Deloitte travelers and immediate family members whether they are on business or personal travel. The GSO team responded to 144 medical-assistance cases in FY2014.

The GSO continues to focus on raising the awareness of Deloitte people to ensure they are aware of particular risks before they travel. GSO offers a "Know Before You Go" series of general-travel and country-specific e-learning courses and videos. In cooperation with Deloitte Brazil, GSO launched one such program prior to the FIFA World Cup. GSO also introduced an online presentation titled, "Staying Safe: Maintaining a Low Profile While Traveling Abroad."

Deloitte professionals have access to a comprehensive travel security website containing the latest security bulletins, assessments, country risk ratings and other resources for travelers. DTTL also uses a mobile application from its emergency services provider that allows Deloitte practitioners to receive the latest security and health alerts and to access other resources.

In this report, the terms Deloitte, our, we, and us are used to refer to the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) network of member firms or to one or more DTTL member firms. See additional information.

Global security
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