Islamic Product Development


Islamic Product Development

The Islamic Finance industry is in the nascent stages of development. Therefore it is imperative for market participants to undertake a high degree of product innovation, to maintain a market leading, competitive positioning.

The Islamic Product Development Advisory services provides a one-stop solution for product development requirements, from design through to implementation.

We combine deep knowledge of Islamic financing techniques with a comprehensive understanding of tax and regulatory requirements to assist in the development of market leading products in line with Sharia’a requirements.

Working in conjunction with our Sharia’a Scholar, we are ideally positioned to develop products from first principles with reference to primary Sharia’a sources; an important feature as the industry seeks to move from Sharia’a compliant to Sharia’a based products.

Commercial viability
Prior to commencing product design we will conduct detailed commercial due diligence to better understand possible commercial implications.

Our assessments and analysis would be focused on key elements such as: size of the market and growth prospects, competitive landscape and optimal launch strategy.

Sharia’a compliance
Our Sharia’a scholar and Islamic Finance practitioners working together seek to deliver wide market acceptability as well as Sharia’a compliance for your products.

Regulatory considerations
We assist you to understand the different regulatory landscapes and the consequential impact on your business model. Our team has considerable knowledge of the regulatory envireonment and links with local regulators, to deliver the optimal advice.

Tax efficiency
Tax considerations can often be overlooked in Islamic product development. Products can be created that are deemend to be Sharia’a compliant but are inefficient from a tax perspective.

We offer market leading tax expertise and with deep knowledge of international tax, help to structure products that are tax efficient and Sharia’a compliant.