Sharia Advisory


Sharia'a Advisory

At Deloitte, we offer access to Sharia’a advice and provide innovative market leading advice.

Sharia’a Scholars play a pivotal role in the Islamic Finance sector, as it is only following their explicit approval that a product or transaction is deemed to be Sharia’a compliant.

There is a recognized shortage of suitably qualified Sharia’a Scholars in the industry, serving an increasing number of Islamic Finance institutions. Consequently, access to Sharia’a input when required can be challenging.

The scope of services we provide include:

Pre-Sharia’a Board approval support
We help institutions address Sharia’a issues prior to engaging their Sharia’a Supervisory Board. This mitigates the risk of Sharia’a non-compliance; an important factor considering the significant resources that can be invested in developing products, transaction structures or business operations. Crucially, we can also facilitate an efficient Sharia’a Supervisory Board final approval process through “Scholar to Scholar” interaction.

Sharia’a internal audit programmes
We design and execute audit programmes to facilitate the ongoing monitoring of Sharia’a compliance as defined by your Sharia’a Supervisory Board. This enables Sharia’a Supervisory Boards to effectively discharge their responsibilities, and provides the management team with a third party review.

Sharia’a governance framework
We help institutions design and implement robust governance frameworks, reflecting the specific requirements of operating under a Sharia’a Compliant framework.

Zakat Advisory

Zakat Advisory is a service to calculate the correct amount of Zakat payable by an individual or a company in accordance with Sharia’a.