Real Estate Development, Strategy and Investment


Real Estate Development

We assist with the provision of market due diligence, financial feasibility assessments, highest and best use analysis, investment strategies and advice for real estate developments and portfolios.

Development challenges

The way we engage with real estate is constantly evolving and the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive across the Middle East and wider MENA region. It is important that any developer/investor is fully informed about the market they intend to operate in and as such the following should always be considered as part of any decision-making:

  • Understanding pricing and cost for the relevant use classes
  • Understanding supply and demand dynamics
  • Knowing what disruptors within both the supply and demand chain need to be taken into  consideration
  • The need  to have a robust business plan to deliver increasingly complex projects in order to secure funding

How we can help

Our dedicated team of professionals draw upon experience in the Middle East since 1995 to provide sound, reasoned advice in relation to your project. Our aim is to balance market opportunities and constraints to provide you with clear information to make decisions.

Our team work to:

  • Provide development recommendations and business plans for new projects from single use class development, to mixed use and even large scale master plans
  • Optimise projects currently under-construction or repurpose stalled projects
  • Undertake market analysis to give objective advice related to the viability of projects
  • Determine strategies to optimise your project or portfolio

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Stefan Burch

Stefan Burch

Partner | Real Estate

Stefan has over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector, ten of which have been in the Middle East, with a focus on Saudi Arabia. During this time Stefan has provided valuation, feasibility a... More

Oliver Morgan

Oliver Morgan

Partner | Real Estate

Oliver is the Head of the Real Estate Development team leading mandates for Deloitte across the MENA region. With experience since 2004, Oliver advises government bodies, developers, investors and cor... More