SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

Banks are connected to each other, creating a strong need for ensure communication between them. To ensure standardized financial messaging exchanges in a secure way, SWIFT developed a messaging platform. Today, over 11,000 customers in over 200 countries and territories are connected to the messaging platform, products, and services of SWIFT transferring more than 8.4 billion FIN messages till date.

SWIFT has introduced the Customer Security Program (CSP) as a countermeasure to Cybercrimes. However, it was also implemented to raise the bar of logical and physical security for the community. 

Based on our experience with the evaluation of the SWIFT CSCF for several customers using the SWIFT infrastructure, we will analyze SWIFT-related breaches and the most common control failures. We will also provide a set of recommendations based on an independent assessment to secure your SWIFT environment better.

The 2023 The Customer Security Control Framework (CSCF) consists of a set of 3 objectives, which focus on 7 principles and contain 32 controls.

The document highlights the following aspects

  • SWIFT objectives and principles
  • SWIFT CSCF assessment scope
  • SWIFT CSCF Framework
  • Our Approach and Methodology
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SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

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