Tax in Qatar: Business Tax Landscape

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The tax environment in Qatar and the wider Middle East is fast evolving. This is evident through regular interactions between businesses and the tax authorities in the region on quality tax reporting and various tax topics. 

Businesses are required to maintain accurate income tax accounts and tax disclosures in their financial statements and are expected to prepare and attend audits and inspections by the authorities in a timely manner. This is in addition to complying with the applicable local, regional and global tax regulations. 

However, given the novelty of these tax reforms, many businesses lack the needed capabilities and necessary tax technical and accounting skills to deal with these changes. 

Deloitte delivers deep knowledge of tax and statutory requirements as well as a breadth of experience applying them in practice in Qatar and worldwide. We provide businesses with the expertise, required capabilities, technology, and innovative ideas to make it more agile. We also deliver a holistic and coordinated approach to complex tax issues enabling businesses to lead with confidence. Download our service offering document to see how we can support your business. 

The Business Tax landscape in Qatar
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