Georges Najem

Partner | Audit & Assurance

Georges Najem

Al Sila Tower

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates


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Over 19 years of professional experience across the region-serving clients in various industries with focus on the financial services industry.


Georges is Audit Partner and Assurance Leader for Deloitte & Touche (M.E.) serving variety of clients, including national and multinational banks, investments companies, private equity funds, credit funds, insurance companies, real estate developers, and diversified large groups.

As Assurance Leader, Georges leads a team of professionals experienced in providing Assurance on complex accounting matters, transactional events, accounting operations improvements and regulatory and contractual compliance.

He provides complex accounting assurance services related to implementation of new accounting standards and provision of accounting advices on various transactions including acquisitions, mergers, groups restructuring, collar financing, preference shares, ESOPs, hedge accounting, leases, and service concessions.

He provides accounting operations assurance services helping finance teams assess their current state, improve and refine their financial processes and get prepared for changes in technologies and evolving finance function’s role in the organization.

He has extensive experience in providing capital markets assurance services including cross border offerings under Rule 144A and RegS applying SAS72 and ICMA standards.

Background and interests

Georges is a US CPA, member of the AICPA and UAE registered auditor. He holds a BA in business administration with concentration in accounting and finance. Georges enjoys coaching and facilitating training seminars for our young professionals and clients.

Georges Najem