Laura Jepson

Director l Consulting

Laura Jepson

Emaar Square, Building 1

Downtown Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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Laura is the Government & Public Sector Sustainability & Climate Lead for Deloitte North & South Europe and the Sustainability & Climate Consulting Lead for Deloitte Middle East.

Laura has been with Monitor Deloitte in the Middle East for 9 years. She focuses on public sector clients, specializing in topics around city development and sustainability. She has helped define smart cities strategies and initiatives across the region; supported entities to define their sustainability goals and strategies; built strategies for the economic growth of regions and industries at both the local and national level; and helped build understanding of how cities can drive positive change to move to more liveable and sustainable futures for their communities. 

Laura’s areas of expertise also include investment attraction, national competitiveness analysis, sector development, municipal strategies and planning, and other public policy topics. 

While Laura has worked mainly on public sector projects, her project work has included corporate strategy, education, and sports. 

Laura is also the co-founder and a leading member of the Middle East Consulting Women’s Network.

Laura Jepson