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Corporate volunteering & pro bono: Impact Every Day

Our commitment to communities 

Deloitte provides volunteering and pro bono opportunities for our people on an ongoing basis, which enables long-term, strategic impact in our community.

When designing an Impact Day or Impact Every Day program or activity, we utilize Deloitte's people's skills, and align the activities with WorldClass or climate actions.


Finnish Impact Every Day iniatives:

  • Skills for Life -project (Taidot elämään -hanke)
    The Skills for Life -project helps students discover their strengths by creative and encouraging exercises in art workshops and coaching classes.

  • Dreams-forum (Dreams-ohjelma)
    The Children and Youth Foundation’s Dreams-program organises school visits with widely known speakers, or dreamsters, who give inspirational talks to students in upper comprehensive school based on their life story. 

  • Taking care of elderly at Kustaankartano senior center.


Oskar Sandqvist tells about our collaboration with The Children and Youth

Our commitment areas and projects:

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