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Corporate responsibility: WorldClass

100 million futures. One future at a time.

Deloitte’s global societal impact initiative aims to impact 100 million futures through education, ski​lls d​evelopment, and access to opportunity thus empowering people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy.

Finnish WorldClass initiatives:

  • Future School promotes ideas for the career and guidance counsellors in High Schools with Children and Youth Foundation. 
  • Support families in need at Christmas with Hope ry. Attending Joulupuu Appeal to donate Christmas gifts for children in need. 
  • Actively participate in student co-operation, trainee program and campus activities.
  • Pro-bono support and initiatives to Children and Youth Foundation to support their internal activities.
  • We organize an annual Impact Day event, where our professionals participate in volunteer work for the benefit of young people and climate change.
  • Nation-wide Read Hour initiative boosts reading skills.
  • Possible Worlds supports the youth who have dropped out of school together with Children and Youth Foundation.

Our commitment areas and projects:

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