Mika Järvensivu, Energy and manufacturing industry Leader, Mikko Helin, Finance sector Leader 

Lauri Salmivalli, Government and public sector leader 

Industries leading the way for sustainable transformation

Our ability to combine the deepest industry expertise and capabilities with our clients and business partnerships is our most important value proposition. Therefore, we focus on enhancing our in-depth industry expertise in selected sectors to ensure that our clients always receive the best professional services competencies wrapped in deep industry knowledge.  

Energy, Resources & Industrials industry – transforming the entire value chain

We are also heavily invested in helping the energy and manufacturing industry, transforming their business and operating in a volatile, complex and uncertain environment. Changing client needs, energy transition and supply chains require a special focus, all having a big impact on people and the environment locally and globally.

The finance sector: A more sustainable and compliant future 

Sustainable finance, and the risks and opportunities sustainability create for the finance sector present an opportunity for us to make an impact. Sustainability demands is affecting strategic, compliance and reputational agendas and creates needs to respond to the sustainability risks and opportunities occurring. It is transforming the whole finance industry; working with our clients to help them assess risks, comply with new reporting requirements and assure that tax responsibilities are sustainably met throughout the finance system. Our work related to anti-financial crime and financial risk brings even more impact, both building trust and ensuring continuity. 

The government and the public sector – making a great societal impact

For the government and the public sector, we are working with what many call the biggest transformation in Finnish history, the social healthcare reform (known as the SOTE reform). We have also been assuring quality in one of the biggest public acquisitions transforming Finnish Air Forces, just to name a few. These engagements indicate our capability to impact on almost everyone in Finnish society. 

The green transition points the way 

Energy and resources, as well as financial services, are facing strict sustainability demands resulting from, for example, EU taxonomy. Data and the decarbonisation of supply chains have especially risen on the energy and manufacturing industry’s agenda. The financial sector is responsible for ensuring the sustainability of practically all sectors as a financier and investor. 


"The majority of industrial companies are performing great and have outstanding results. Yet, under the surface there is a lot of uncertainty as the raw material and energy costs are increasing and profitability is uncertain as the market and demand outlook is volatile."

- Mika Järvensivu, Energy and manufacturing industry Leader 

"The reality for the finance sector is a “never ending story of regulation”. Financial institutions are now concentrating on keeping their noses above the surface. The green transition will also provide opportunities for those who have a clear vision of what they really want to achieve in sustainability."

- Mikko Helin, Finance sector Leader 

"Renewable energy is an ultimate goal for all governments in EU in the big picture of green transition. The public sector is making the rules, and they must show us how to live by them."

- Lauri Salmivalli, Government and public sector leader