I am lucky


I am lucky

Blog: Tomi Pitkänen


I am lucky
because last week I had the privilege of meeting over 300 Aalto University first year business students. I had the opportunity to set the scene for their case study course on Deloitte. The idea was to explain who are we, what we do and how the students could use their skills built at Aalto University in the future business life, maybe even at Deloitte. Some of my colleagues then shared their Deloitte experiences and personal career stories during two days at Aalto University.

It is not every day I have such an opportunity to meet young brilliant students who are ambitious to make an impact on our future. Ambition was not just something I could take from their questions but also presence through a very tangible atmosphere and deep concentration on the topics. I was also very pleased to see my eldest daughter Amanda in the audience. She is not one of these new students, but was curious to see her dad speak and to educate herself on the topic as well.

We do remarkable things

I am lucky to have a story to tell about our exceptional Deloitte. Even though I have been with Deloitte for 16 years, I am able to learn and be surprised each day on the many amazing things and positive impact that we have on our clients, people and communities around us.

To name a few of the amazing things we do, we:

  • help our clients through technology enabled transformations with industry knowledge
  • win cyber Olympics and hackatons year after year 
  • drive and lead in audit quality and leverage audit technology
  • help our clients navigate in the fast-changing regulatory and tax environment in a responsive and sustainable way
  • put our skin in the game to help our clients close complex M&A transactions and be successful in capturing the targeted benefits
  • use data analytics to crystallise the essence in business more and more.

We are recognised for changing the world

As proof of our exceptional work Fortune named Deloitte, as the only professional services network, to its prestigious 2018 “Change the World” list in August, a yearly ranking of top businesses that do well by doing good.

Fortune recognized Deloitte for preparing our clients and people for the technological changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We might not stop in our everyday work to think about this, as we are focusing on delivering the impact. But things that we do every day are actual small and big steps on that journey: using technology to do our business smarter, helping our clients to do the same and develop people’s readiness and skills to understand and work in the new economy.

Close to two centuries of history and continuous development

Deloitte has 173 years of history. Not many brands can say that. During the almost two centuries, several major disruptions have emerged in the markets and changed economies, businesses and people’s lives. We have always become stronger through the paradigm shifts as we have welcomed and driven change and innovation to adapt our businesses to help our clients do the same. In the heart of this are the personal development opportunities and stories Deloitte has made possible and cherished.

I am lucky to work at Deloitte where I, and all my colleagues, have endless opportunities for personal development. Some Deloitte partners have been with Deloitte 30+ years and the story they shared with me for a life-long Deloitte career is “we welcome and drive change so relentlessly that we renew ourselves every 5 years”. This provides opportunities for all of us to challenge ourselves to grow as individuals, professionals and as leaders.

I am lucky to live in Finland, the happiest nation in the world. We have it so well that we can give to others who need our help. I am lucky as Deloitte recognizes that we as a global network and as a local business can make great impact not only for our clients and people but also to the community. And we have the people whose head and heart pulse to make that happen, as Deloitte and as individuals.

Maybe my thoughts might help you also think of what you have achieved and how lucky you are. I hope it will be as inspiring and useful a thought journey for you as it was for me!

Tomi Pitkänen

Deloitte Finland CEO
Tomi Pitkänen

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