Over the past years, we have dedicatedly worked to constantly increase the value we bring to our clients through deep industry expertise and committed teams.

Sami Laine, Managing Partner of Clients & Industries

At Deloitte, our people and clients are at the centre of everything we do. We constantly strive to help our clients realise their strategies and navigate uncertainty and change. This year has once again proven how difficult it is to predict the future. Nonetheless, our clients have embarked on reshaping their business to meet the demands of the new normal.

We are extremely proud to have helped our clients through large projects and transformation journeys, as well as helped them build trust through our Audit & Assurance services. In combination, deep industry knowledge and trusted partnerships enable us to make an impact that truly matters to our clients. We have done so through our two go-to-market programmes: the Industries and Private & Growth programmes: 

  • In our Industry programme, we service large corporates within the public sector, the energy sector, the resources and industrials sector, financial services, the consumer industry sector, the life sciences and healthcare sector, and the technology, media and telecommunications sector. 

  • In our Private & Growth programme, we service fast-growing companies, private companies in the mid-market, family-owned businesses and private financial investors.  

Both these programmes lead to our goal: to be our clients’ preferred and trusted advisor.

We are looking forward to working with client companies and the public sector together amid the uncertainty of economic, climatical, political and business changes in the world. Our purpose is to make an impact that matters. 

We make an impact by bringing trust to the market through transparency with our Audit services as a quality leader. We also create trust in required transformations in order to respond to an ever-changing environment and lead the way as a transformative partner. In transformation, our in-depth industry know-how brings special opportunities for our clients to make an impact.