We have continued to systematically implement our strategy and invest in our people. The results show continued double-digit revenue growth, creating more impact that matters to our clients, employees and to the economy.

- Tanja Tani, CFO and COO

The solid growth path continues

Deloitte Finland contributes economic value to society through creating meaningful jobs and serving clients with high-value solutions that create an impact that matters. Additionally, Deloitte Finland creates economic value through tax payments and contributions to the community.

We have had continued growth and consolidation of our position as a strong audit and advisory firm in Finland with an organic growth rate of 19.6 per cent. In FY22 revenue totalled EUR 122.6 million and operating profit was EUR 13.4 million. 

Personnel costs, including salary payments to the partners, totalled EUR 62.6 million, which is an increase of 17.8 per cent compared with the last financial year. The average number of personnel during the financial year was 695. At the end of the fiscal year the total number of employees was 729 and 49% of our employees were men and 51% were women.

Deloitte Finland’s tax footprint consists of corporate income taxes and payroll-related costs. In FY22, total income taxes paid were EUR 2.5 million. The total amount of employer-paid payroll taxes – including pension, unemployment and social security fees – was EUR 10.6 million. In addition, our operations accumulate withholding taxes collected from employees and value added tax; in FY22 these amounted to EUR 14.1 million and EUR 20.4 million, respectively. 

Deloitte Finland contributions to local community included donations made to Hope ry and the Children and Youth Foundation.