Marika Nevalainen on nimetty Deloitten tilintarkastus- ja neuvontapalveluiden johtajaksi


Marika Nevalainen is the new Audit & Assurance Leader at Deloitte          


Marika Nevalainen is the new Audit & Assurance services leader at Deloitte Finland, effective as of 1 October 2020. At the same time, she will start as a member of the Finnish Leadership team and the Nordic Audit & Assurance Leadership team. Marika has worked at Deloitte since 2002 in both auditing and M&A. She has an MSc degree.

Marika Nevalainen
CPA, Marika Nevalainen

Marika has 20 years’ experience of serving international groups and listed companies across a range of industries. Marika’s primary areas of expertise are the leadership of international teams and providing professional services in audits, capital market transactions and IFRS. Marika works, e.g. as the auditor-in-charge of Nokia Corporation.

“Marika is a well-liked leader and highly regarded by clients, talent, regulators and other stakeholders. With her positive and solution-oriented attitude, she makes both clients and teams succeed together”, says Tomi Pitkänen, CEO of Deloitte Finland.

“I am excited to take on this opportunity to do significant work with the top-class teams in audit and advisory services, during this time, when there are growing expectations for the reliability and transparency of reporting”, says Marika Nevalainen.

Marika has three children. The family's everyday life is rhythmised by the children’s swimming racing hobby. Marika enjoys nature and navigating the sea.





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