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Life at Deloitte

Career story: Priyanka Sharma

A tech woman with SAP finance expertise

Priyanka Sharma is an SAP finance professional who loves to provide good solutions to clients that fit their business needs well. New challenges and the opportunity to learn are what inspires Priyanka most at work.


There is higher women’s representation in the tech industry nowadays than there used to be earlier. Fortunately, I never experienced gender bias or inequality and have been able to get the same opportunities as others.

A job offer in hand after a few days in Finland

I am originally from a city in the northern part of India, but I have been travelling around India for study and work.

I moved to Finland around two years back, in June 2019. Just within few days of landing in Finland, I saw an open SAP position with Deloitte. Without a second thought, I applied for the position and in a week’s time I had the job offer in hand. I was thrilled as I did not expect everything to happen so fast.

When I moved to Finland, initially I wasn’t sure if I would be able to survive Finnish winters, but it hasn’t been so bad, and I must say, I am quite fascinated by the beauty of snow and the intricacies of snowflakes.

Supporting clients in S/4HANA transformation

I like to work on diverse topics, which helps me to increase the breadth and depth of my knowledge.

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and my Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in finance. Over the years I have formed a strong background working in SAP finance engagements in different industries and with clients from multiple geographies.

At Deloitte I am part of the SAP team, wherein we work closely with business consulting and broader Nordic SAP work. There are many different areas where we support clients in their journey towards S/4HANA transformation. With an SAP S/4HANA upgrade on the table, companies consider it an opportunity for business transformation in order to achieve synergies in the end-to-end business process and to enable new business models. We support our clients in this journey through different engagements, such as pre-study, architecture strategy, solution design, and implementation.

Always working on something unique and new

I have worked in many interesting engagements with Deloitte where we combined the client’s business requirements for process improvement and operating-model change with technology strategy and technology as an enabler for business transformation.

I would recommend Deloitte to everyone who is enthusiastic about working on new things and taking on new challenges. At Deloitte, we are always working on something unique and new, which is of great importance to clients, contributing towards their overall strategy and transformation.


Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma
SAP Finance


The SAP team globally: We are globally 25,000 SAP practitioners with around 200 practitioners in the Nordics.

Duration of a typical project: 3–4 months.   

The last three industries in which I have worked: Manufacturing, pharma, forest industries.

How I take care of my well-being: I eat healthy home-cooked meals, sleep well and practice yoga every day. Also, taking regular breaks at work is extremely helpful in the current remote working set up.

My passion: Travelling to new locations. Travelling is a good way of getting away from the routine and exploring new things and new places.

What you didn’t know about Priyanka? Apart from my interest in finance and technology, I also have a keen interest in pottery painting. I find it very calming and relaxing; I have worked on many big creations in the past, but now, due to time constraints, I try to stick to smaller pottery.

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