My time as a Deloitte Trainee 

Henri Kaikkonen

I started as a trainee at Deloitte in December 2016.  At the time of applying for the traineeship, I had already graduated from the University of Vaasa with a M.Sc. in Finance and was looking for an opportunity to kick start my career.  I decided to apply for a position at Deloitte’s Transaction Services because the job description matched my personal interests in the fields of financial analysis and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) processes. After attending my interview and having received an offer, I was a little nervous on how I would succeed because of having limited experience in some aspects of the job.

Something new to learn every day

Looking back, my traineeship went by very fast. This was because every day at Deloitte, I felt that I was learning something new. Even when faced with challenges, I never had the feeling of being left alone. This was thanks to the safety net of likeminded, smart, helpful and friendly colleagues whom I could always consult if I got stuck or needed support. My traineeship felt dynamic because of the large variety of different projects I had the chance to participate in. One week I was doing M&A financial due diligence on a large industrial corporate, on another week I was preparing a commercial due diligence market study and on a third week I was involved in an IPO (initial public offering). I liked how project teams constantly changed from one project to another.

Surprised by the relaxed working atmosphere

The work at Deloitte’s Transaction Services is project based. I quickly realized that this means that sometimes it is difficult to predict workload in advance. During my traineeship I had both busier and calmer periods. During a busy period, I spent longer days at the office but on the flipside when it was calmer, I was encouraged to leave early and enjoy my time off.

My traineeship at Deloitte exceeded my expectations. Having lived years abroad in very hierarchical societies, I was positively surprised by the relaxed working atmosphere. Communication with colleagues is easy irrespective of title and everyone is treated equally. I am proud to work for Deloitte and happy to have signed a permanent contract to continue building my career here. 

Henri Kaikkonen, Transaction Services, Deloitte

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