Life at Deloitte

Life at Deloitte

Trainee story: Nicolas Dolce

Trainee story

From the beginning of the traineeship, I have been treated like full-fledged member of the team, doing the same work as anyone else.

Name: Nicolas Dolce
Business Unit: Sustainability Services, Risk Advisory
What do I want to learn next: Machine learning for sustainability and more Finnish
My dream job when I was a kid: A movie director, author, or musician
Best thing about Deloitte: Working on a variety of projects and learning about many different industries
A fact about you that most people don’t know: I helped cover the 2016 USA presidential election on YLE Svenska
What are you dreaming about: Visiting the Faroe Islands and finishing my thesis

What kind of background do you have?
I come from an international family: my mother is a Swedish-speaking Finn from the Turku area and my father is an Italian-American from Queens. I grew up in New Jersey but visited Finland often during my childhood. I completed my undergraduate education at The College of New Jersey with majors in International Studies and Linguistics. After college, I became more interested in sustainability and got accepted to the Creative Sustainability master’s program at the Aalto University School of Business. I have been living in Helsinki since autumn 2016.

How did you end up working at Deloitte?
Along with three classmates, I participated in the Social Hackathon-competition organized by Deloitte, OP, and Aalto University in March 2017. My team’s idea for a preventative health platform for the elderly using wearable technology won the competition, and the prize was a summer job at Deloitte and OP working to test the idea. During this unique summer traineeship, I got to know Deloitte’s sustainability team and even had the opportunity to help them with some tasks. When I heard the sustainability team would be offering a traineeship in spring 2018, the decision to apply was obvious.

How the recruitment process went based on your own opinion? What kind of tips would you give to someone who considers applying to our trainee program?
The recruitment process was definitely challenging, but my previous experience working with the sustainability team during my Social Hackathon traineeship helped my case, because I could demonstrate that I understood the ins and outs of the team’s work. I would advise future applicants to be very active with university activities (hackathons, company visits, and special project courses) and networking to really get to know the function and position you are interested in. That way, you can show during the recruitment process that you are ready and eager to contribute to the team! (But don’t worry too much, because you’ll learn most of what you need to know on the job.)

What have you been doing during your trainee period?
From the beginning of the traineeship, I have been treated like full-fledged member of the team, doing the same work as anyone else. That means helping with internal productivity projects, proposals, and of course delivering results for our clients. I feel I have even been able to make a meaningful personal contribution to most client engagements, which is very rewarding.

How have you developed yourself during your time at Deloitte?
My understanding of the business case for sustainability has deepened considerably. It has been very interesting to see how different industries and companies approach sustainability, and I can now tell quite quickly when a company is serious about making a positive impact vs. just using sustainability for communications purposes.

How would you describe your work community at Deloitte?
I really enjoy working with my sustainability teammates, who have been helpful and encouraging during the traineeship. I have also made friends on other teams at Deloitte. One friend from the audit team and I are even working on music together in our spare time.

Why someone should apply to our trainee-program? Why would you recommend Deloitte as an employer?
You should apply to Deloitte if you want a chance to learn a lot about different industries and companies in a short amount of time. You get to develop important skills and challenge yourself often. Finally, you get to learn from experienced colleagues, which is an invaluable opportunity.



Nicolas Dolce

Nicolas Dolce

Trainee 2018

Risk Advisory

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