Digital Influence in UK retail


Digital influence in UK retail

The true value of digital in-store

Digital technology is influencing 33% of in-store retail sales in the UK, equivalent to almost £100 billion in 2014.

Consumer ownership of and engagement with digital technology is growing, and the rate of growth is accelerating. The fact that consumers are leading increasingly digital lives has an impact on how they consume products and services and the way that they interact with retailers and brands.

To assess the changing dynamic between the consumer and retailer, and both the physical and digital worlds, Deloitte conducted a study to find out how consumers currently use digital devices at different stages of the shopping journey.

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Key findings

  • The influence of digital devices on in-store purchase behaviour has grown by 175% in two years.
  • Digital technology is influencing 33% of in-store retail sales in the UK, equivalent to almost £100 billion in 2014.
  • In particular, mobile is affecting 17% of in-store sales or £50bn.
  • 33% of consumers said they wanted the ability to pay for goods in a digital format in the future.
  • The digital influence factor varies by category: from half of all purchases of furniture down to one in four purchases of clothing and footwear.
  • Consumers want to use digital devices throughout their path to purchase: 41% of shoppers thought that engaging with a digital device made their shopping trip easier.
  • Consumers prefer to use their own device for assistance in-store, rather than ask a sales assistant or check an unmanned device.
  • We expect digital influence to continue to grow to reach 50% of all store retail sales by the end of 2015.

With increased integration across multiple channels, businesses may need to change the methods and metrics they use for evaluating digital influence and performance.

Meet the authors

Colin Jeffrey
Director, Deloitte Digital 

Colin leads the multichannel retail team at Deloitte Digital. With almost 20 years’ experience gained in industry and consulting, he specialises in developing digital strategies and identifying the technologies and operating models required to deliver profitable growth. He also has experience in the implementation planning and deployment of SAP.

Ben Perkins
Head of Consumer Business Research 

Ben is responsible for Deloitte’s programme of research and thought leadership across the key consumer business sectors: consumer packaged goods, retail and travel, hospitality and leisure. Ben has over 15 years' experience in the consumer and market research industry producing thought leadership on global consumer and market trends, the retail sector and brands and manufacturers. Prior to joining Deloitte, Ben was the Global Research Director at market research and consultancy firm Mintel.

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