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The Omnichannel Last Mile Benchmark Series  

Discover your position in the competitive landscape

When thinking about your company's last mile and return services, have you ever asked yourself the following questions: How do I perform compared to my direct competitors? What can I learn from other, Best-in-Class retail segments? Am I able to face new entrants that offer seamless last mile services? In a series of six industry deep dives, we will share our point of view and offer the unique opportunity to have your performance benchmarked for free!

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The six reail segment deep dives 

For the coming months, we will release every two weeks six deep dives that show the performance of six specific retail segments' last mile and return service. Last mile services vary greatly among retail segments due to the distinct characteristics of each segment. Below we have selected some initial results and themes you can expect in the series categorized per retail segment:

  • Electronics & Telecom: The high average product value provides the opportunity to set the bar on high quality last mile services – as well for regular delivery as additional services like same day or at-release delivery, and installation services. But how could the industry handle returns in a more customer oriented way?
  • Leisure: The store network of leisure retailers are optimally used, providing in-store delivery and return options and visibility of store stock to consumers. Could the industry leverage this to boost efficiency, bottom line results, and premium delivery options like same day delivery? 
  • Home: Home products show large variations in shape, weight, and size. This increases supply chain complexity, and therefore last mile service segmentation is key. Could the industry use segmentation in delivery, return, and pricing to optimize bottom line and customer experience?
  • Food & Beverage: This segment is a relatively new entrant in the eCommerce market, with complex product characteristics and consumer preferences to work with – e.g. consumers demanding products fast and products that need to be transported cooled. This makes the last mile supply chain a challenging topic. Although current capabilities are immature, could there be an opportunity to decrease complexity, learn from Best-in-Class and make the last mile more convenient?

A last mile service benchmark

Last year, Deloitte investigated consumer preferences on last mile services published in “Think Big, Start Small, Connect Now! Omnichannel Fulfilment 2017” that highlighted the importance of a high quality last mile service portfolio with 46% of consumers considering switching to a competitor if the offering does not fit their needs. This year, we will shed more light on today’s last mile competitive landscape in the “Last mile service benchmark series”: what is currently offered within the retail landscape and what can you learn from that?

The series is a benchmark of last mile performance of >200 retailers that compares specific retail segments to cross-retail average and Best-in-Class segments in terms of last mile and return services in the Netherlands, and provides initial guidance to success for your industry.

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