2020 Energy, Resources, and Industrials Industry Outlooks

Annual perspectives on sector trends

What emerging trends are on the horizon in 2020? Our industry outlook collection, covering Oil, Gas & Chemicals; Power & Utilities; and Industrial Products & Construction, evaluates sector landscapes to help executives better plan for success and unforeseen challenges.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industry – What are the prospects for the oil and gas industry and chemical industry in 2020? While the market isn’t likely to see the volatile price fluctuations of the past, uncertainties will challenge performance and investment. And as disruptive forces drive change, the long-term business environment may require the same vigilance as day-to-day positioning.

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Power and Utilities Industry  – While some of the year’s power and utilities industry trends  – cyber risk, scrutiny from regulators, natural disasters  – will continue into the new decade, 2020 will likely bring opportunities for the power and utilities industry to lead the clean energy transition.

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Renewable Energy Industry – The renewable energy industry is primed to enter a new phase of growth driven largely by increasing customer demand, cost competitiveness, innovation, and collaboration. But will challenges surrounding trade and tariff policy require the industry to prioritize risk mitigation tactics?

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Manufacturing Industry – Manufacturers are at continued risk for disruption. Amid ongoing volatility in costs and policy decisions, how can the manufacturing industry remain resilient? Our 2020 manufacturing outlook provides insights to help leaders navigate uncertainty and increase operational flexibility for the future.

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Engineering and Construction Industry – In 2019, the engineering and construction industry saw overall market growth despite cost pressures, labor shortages, and trends toward fixed-bid projects, which are likely to persist in the future. In 2020, the industry will focus on mitigating these challenges while capitalizing on trends that help improve operations and deliver a competitive advantage.

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Global Aerospace and Defense Industry – Production-related issues, cancellations, and fewer orders slowed growth in the commercial aerospace sector and the global aerospace and defense industry overall. Will things rebound in 2020? Long-term demand for commercial aircraft and innovative technologies may hold the answer.

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