CFO Survey


Deloitte / SEB CFO Survey Fall 2018

Key findings

Optimism at stake

Optimism in Finland has fallen back to a more traditional level from the peak seen last year, but it is still high compared to most European countries (only 8% of the Finnish CFOs are less optimistic than in spring compared to 19% in EU).

Key findings in Finland:
  • 76% of Finnish CFOs (vs. 60% in EU) expect their revenues to increase over the next 12 months
  • Uncertainty has risen and Finnish CFOs are more cautious on investments. Companies prefer using cash surplus to pay down debt. The highest rise in uncertainty is in UK (89%) and Germany (87%).
  • The ongoing Brexit negotiations have increased geopolitical risks, which is mentioned as the biggest risk among the Finnish CFOs.
  • Despite the risen uncertainty, Finnish companies are planning to hire more employees in next 12 months. The shortage of skilled professionals is still a big concern.
Key findings in Europe:
  • CFOs across Europe remain focused on their company’s growth despite uncertainty levels rising and risk appetite declining, according to Deloitte’s latest European CFO Survey.
  • CFOs in euro area countries are much more optimistic, with 69% predicting revenue growth, compared to just 46% in non-euro countries. 
  • CFOs in the UK have the highest reading on perceptions of uncertainty, with 89% reporting high uncertainty, while CFOs in Sweden had the lowest with 14%. 
  • 27% of CFOs in euro area countries say now is a good time to take on risk, compared to 20% in non-euro countries.
  • 35% of CFOs say they plan to increase employee numbers in the next 12 months, down from 42% in the Spring. 
  • Concerns about geopolitical risks have overtaken the shortage of skilled labour, with CFOs in half of the countries surveyed rating it as the biggest risk.


CFO Survey was conducted simultaneously in other European countries. The European CFO Survey gathered opinions of over 1,341 CFOs in 20 European countries.

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