Evolution of Digital Assets, Bitcoin, and Mainstream Investments

A conversation with Fidelity Digital Funds' Peter Jubber

Even 83 % of executive respondents believed that digital assets will serve as an alternative to, or a replacement for, fiat currency in the next five to 10 years.  

This is consistent with Deloitte’s premise that blockchain—and the commercial activities it enables—are moving from potential to reality, and is particularly evident as we look at the evolution of investment strategies, where digital assets like Bitcoin are increasingly mainstream.

Executive Summary

Fidelity has been into Bitcoin since the early days of digital assets. Following the vision of Chairman and CEO Abby Johnson, Fidelity began a small mining operation that kicked off the firm’s long experiment with Bitcoin. As the firm’s knowledge and understanding of all things Bitcoin evolves, Fidelity has broadened its ability to engage clients in this space— including institutional funds.
Peter Jubber, Managing Director of Fidelity Digital Funds, shares his latest thinking on emerging global trends in digital assets with Deloitte partners Rob Massey and Paul Kraft.

Performance Magazine | Issue 34

Performance magazine issue 34, January 2021

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It is safe to say that the much anticipated end of 2020 was greatly welcomed and widely embraced, as 2020 will go down as one of the most challenging years in recent times. The combination of a global pandemic, political chaos, the shift to a work from home environment, market volatility and volumes not seen in a lifetime provided unprecedented need for the human ingenuity, leadership and resiliency. Beyond the devastating human toll of the pandemic, investment managers proved that their businesses are resilient; withstanding these shocks and maintaining their value proposition and focus on investor interests and futures. Aided by a rapid market recovery, aggressive and proactive governance and regulatory steps to freeze and then stimulate the economy, investment managers continued to focus on investor value and service. It is with this backdrop that we wish all a Happy New Year and much success in 2021.

As we find ourselves at the end of January enduring experiences reminiscent of 2020, investment managers continue to keep their eye on the ball and to focus on the strategies, levers and new objectives for a promising future ahead. 

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