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Deloitte Legal advises your business throughout every stage of a transaction, from negotiation through to execution.


In today's business environment, expansion strategies, acquisitions and divestitures often give rise to a wide range of legal, tax, regulatory, and other issues which may impact the overall success or failure of a transaction. Providing practical advice throughout the planning, development and implementation phases of M&A deals, Deloitte Legal assists businesses in developing and implementing efficient, cost effective legal structures and business operating models.

Legal Due Diligence

Our aim is to add more to a transaction than pure due diligence by delivering seamless incremental services that help our clients achieve a competitive advantage. Deloitte Legal assists businesses with legal purchase and vendor due diligence reviews including review of any required aspects of the target company, identifying contingencies and risks that may arise as a result of the sale or purchase of an entity, highlighting legal considerations and drafting of the relevant due diligence reports in an easy-to-read format.

Contract Drafting and Negotiations

High quality of structuring, due diligence and project management are some of the key factors when aiming at successful M&A transaction. However, the plans and findings arisen during the course of the M&A project have to be documented well into the agreement closing the M&A transaction. Without the experience and competence Deloitte Legal possess it may be challenging to achieve an agreement that is in line with the interests of your business. We are happy to be your advisor in the agreement drafting and negotiation process. By way of applying the right negotiation strategy, the best results will be achieved.

Post-transaction Integration Activities and Legal Entity Reduction

Finding the right transaction candidate and negotiating a deal are only the first steps in the path to deriving value from a transaction. Once a deal closes, it is essential to effectively integrate the businesses and structures of the entities in order to realize the intended benefits of the deal. We have a solid understanding of and experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our lawyers work closely with you to help your business to consider multiple perspectives and business impacts prior to making strategic decisions.

Project Management

Managing an M&A project may be complex for a business, however, we always aim at making the project as straightforward as possible. We understand that leaders need guidance on a broad range of activities in preparation, due diligence, negotiation and post-transaction activities.

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Susanna Tiihonen

Susanna Tiihonen

Head of Deloitte Legal

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Samuli Pyy-Zhong

Samuli Pyy-Zhong

Function Leader, M&A Legal

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