COVID-19 Government Response Portal

Navigating the complex landscape of governmental assistance

Learn what government assistance programs are now available in your country and across geographies through this free portal.

Governments around the world have launched a wide range of tax, financial, business, and social measures to help organizations respond to and recover from the economic impacts of the global pandemic. This free portal captures the latest governmental COVID-19 actions and programs across multiple geographies to help you gain clarity and address your business needs.

About the COVID-19 Government Response Portal

The speed with which COVID-19 government measures were announced has left some ambiguity on current position, mechanics, and eligibility. The COVID-19 Government Response Portal helps you navigate the details across multiple geographies and gain clarity on how these measures can address your needs.

Available via an interactive map or by country comparisons, the portal provides the following functionalities:

  • COVID-19 tax & financial measures: Access a summary of governmental tax and financial COVID-19 measures. Here you can find tax relief and deferrals along with other financial measures and details of financial reporting extensions, postponements, and changes.
  • COVID-19 business and social measures: Access a summary of governmental business and social COVID-19 measures. Here you can find the latest actions taken to support businesses and mitigate the spread of the virus.

You can register for the portal here. Registration also enables you to receive our COVID-19 Signal Topic Alerts, daily and weekly summaries of measures announced by governments.

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