The future of cyber survey 2019

Cyber everywhere. Succeed anywhere.

As the world becomes smaller, cyber is getting bigger, and it’s moving in multiple dimensions across multiple disciplines—beyond an organization’s walls and IT environments and into the products it creates, the factories where it makes them, the spaces where its employees conceive them, and where its customers use them. It is at the center of digital transformation. Understanding that is as transformative as cyber itself—and to be successful in this new era, organizations should embrace a “cyber everywhere” reality.

Deloitte Cyber conducted the Future of Cyber Survey among 500 C-level executives who have visibility to and responsibility for cybersecurity in companies with at least $500 million in annual revenue to gain insights into: 

  • How leaders are embracing the concept of “cyber everywhere"?
  • How they are operating in the new cyber norm?
  • How they are collaborating with partners and other key stakeholders?

The survey results indicate the organizations are no longer taking a wait-and-see philosophy to preparing for and responding to cyber incidents. Questions related to budgets, resource allocation, and prioritization of cyber defense efforts indicate that they are proactively addressing cyber risk from various aspects of security—data, application, identity, infrastructure, and incident response. But the findings also suggest that there is still much work to do in aligning cyber initiatives to executive management’s digital transformation priorities. The survey responses prompt us to ask how organizations should integrate cyber into an enterprise-wide effort to achieve business outcomes.

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