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The Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey

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The Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey is the longest running survey in Finland that reflects CFO attitudes to the operating environment, valuation, risks, funding, and expectations.

The Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey Spring 2019

With ongoing Brexit negotiations and a variety of other international tensions brewing, optimism among Finland’s CFOs has declined since the last survey, and they cite economic growth as their top risk, followed by geopolitical risks. Finland’s CFOs are largely positive regarding revenues, with 65% expecting increases over the next 12 months. But to protect themselves from a future downturn, Finnish companies plan to reconsider strategic acquisitions to pinpoint and divest from underperforming assets or divisions and increase their utilization of advanced technologies.

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Spring 2019

The Deloitte /SEB CFO Survey Autumn 2018

Optimism in Finland has fallen back to a more traditional level from the peak seen last year, but it is still high compared to most European countries (only 8% of the Finnish CFOs are less optimistic than in spring compared to 19% in EU). Uncertainty has risen and Finnish CFOs are more cautious on investments. Companies prefer using cash surplus to pay down debt. The highest rise in uncertainty is in UK (89%) and Germany (87%).

Autumn 2018

The Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey Spring 2018

The spring 2018 shows a continuous trend of positive sentiment towards business prospects in Finland. Unlike most Central European counterparts, Nordic CFOs estimate that the positive business cycle will not soon be over. However, there are signals that we are reaching home stretch of the cycle. In central Europe, CFOs are increasingly concerned about the growth’s stability and believe that the uncertainty facing their business will increase during the next 12 months.

Spring 2018

The Deloitte/SEB CFO Survey Autumn 2017

Business confidence has been improving throughout Europe in the past six months, but no other countries stand as strong in their optimism as France and Finland. 75 % of Finnish CFOs are more optimistic than they were in the spring.

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Autumn 2017

The Deloitte / SEB CFO Survey Spring 2017

After the economically and politically treacherous winter period, the first quarter survey indicates Finnish CFOs are adamant in their beliefs that their prospects have turned significantly for the better. The weak signals from our third quarter 2016 survey are growing louder, marking the record setting pace in optimism. Optimism is higher than ever in our survey’s history. 

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Spring 2017
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