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While you’ve been busy getting on with things over the last few years, the Cloud has come of age: it’s moved from being the preserve of the technologists to become a mainstay of everyday life. It’s everywhere. Literally.

Cloud. Defined

The Cloud’ is really just a way of describing software and technology services that you rent, instead of own. But ‘Cloud’ sounds better doesn’t it? More … inspirational. In some ways, we could stop right there. Cloud means accessing the very latest high‑end facilities and processing power when you need to, but not having to pay for it to sit idle when you’re not using it, or having to keep paying to upgrade when technology moves on.

Cloud. Impact.

Cloud has helped to support the emergence of many new, transformative technologies. The integration of emerging technologies such as AI, VR and machine learning into the solutions provided by the major Cloud platforms is driving a new wave of innovation and spawning a host of exciting opportunities in business.

Cloud. Challenges.

Let’s not be coy about this: migrating to the Cloud is a big deal. It’s not easy, fast or cheap and you will almost certainly encounter challenges along the way. Large organisations in particular sometimes struggle to scale their Cloud programmes because of the interconnectedness of the elements that need to change: the perceived enormity of the task leads to organisational inertia (or even resistance). So, let’s address the feeling of ‘it’s all too much’ by breaking down the challenges and obstacles into manageable chunks.

Cloud. And You

Adopting Cloud is neither an IT issue, nor is it simply a project: it is a fundamental change to the DNA of your company. That’s a bold claim but as we have already seen, Cloud has the potential to impact almost every aspect of the business. To benefit fully from the advantages it brings, you need to embrace the idea of transformation rather than change. There are numerous approaches to Cloud implementation that highlight the key considerations in such a transformation. At Deloitte, we advocate an approach that comprises six phases:

01. Cloud strategy
02. Risk management
03. Business case
04. Governance
05. Cloud migration
06. Cultural change

Explore what Cloud makes possible
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