Deloitte Cyber Risk capabilities 

Cyber Strategy, Secure, Vigilant, Resilient

Cyber Risk capabilities

Cybersecurity is rising up the priority scale at organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Thanks to industry specific insights, high-end advisory skills, as well as deep technical expertise, Deloitte provides end-to-end Cyber Risk Services tailored to the precise, individual needs of each client.

We provide capabilities across the four main domains of cybersecurity – Cyber strategy, Secure, Vigilant and Resilient:

Cyber strategy
We help executives develop a cyber risk program in line with the strategic objectives and risk appetite of the organization.

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We focus on establishing effective controls around the organization’s most sensitive assets and balancing the need to reduce risk, while enabling productivity, business growth and cost optimization objectives.

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We integrate threat data, IT data and business data to equip security teams with context-rich intelligence to proactively detect and manage cyber threats and respond more effectively to cyber incidents.

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We combine proven proactive and reactive incident management processes and technologies to rapidly adapt and respond to cyber disruptions whether from internal or external forces.

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk portfolio

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