Digital and Cyber – How to make it a successful marriage?

You cannot have a digital strategy without dealing with the advanced cyber threats. Why would you risk your future revenues by not securing your crown jewels?

Companies worldwide are speaking about cyber security, but haven’t quite found a common definition for what it means for their business. Deloitte helps companies define cyber security and ensures it smoothly integrates into everyday business.

“Previously you needed to worry about the security of your servers, now you need to worry about your whole production plant getting knocked down. The threat landscape has significantly evolved, and is evolving even as you read this article. Board members and top executives are ultimately accountable to proactively manage cyber threats, as Shareholders continue to demand profitable growth”, states Deloitte’s Cyber Partner in Finland Karthi Pillay.

Cyber security must be seen beyond technical assets. To really make it a working reality it has to be built into the company strategy and business processes. “It’s not the tech departments alone taking care of your cyber security. The responsibility must be understood and sincerely appreciated throughout the company.

Well-functioning technical solutions give you the ‘ticket to the game’, but ‘prime seats’ are secured only by appreciating that the focus of the adversaries has shifted from purely technical targets to people – your employees”, explains Pillay.

Make your entire staff cyber security advocates

Making the company’s entire staff vigilant increases cyber defence exponentially. Technical problems can be solved by technical solutions, but behavioural challenges need a solid understanding of motivational change management. “Make all of your employees understand what is valuable in your company and equip them with skills to protect it. It makes a big difference when in addition to your existing five security managers you transform all of your 50 000 employees into cyber security advocates”, challenges Deloitte’s Cyber Lead in Finland Tero Mellin.

A company cannot sustain a resilient marriage between digital and cyber on its own. Yet securing an appropriate partner may not be simple. It is critical that the partner is not just cyber experienced but has a global footprint, and is highly skilled in areas of strategy, digital, risk, governance and data management. It’s all about finding people who understand the business ramifications and help see where the company’s crown jewels are. 

The article was originally published in the Blue Wings publication in May 2017. 

Deloitte Finand’s Cyber Partner Karthi Pillay and Cyber Team Leader Tero Mellin.

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