Fighting corruption and fraud. Conducting background investigations and supporting in disputes.

Studies* show that, on average, fraud costs organizations an equivalent of five percent of annual revenues. Deloitte has one of the largest Forensic units in the world with qualified teams ready to make an impact on short notice all around the world. Our experienced and highly competent specialists conduct well-rounded research and present the findings and conclusions in a clear, transparent manner. We offer services in the following areas:

Corruption and Bribery

Achieving compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and similar anti-corruption legislative requirements such as UK Bribery Act has become an increasing concern for companies that operate globally. Breaking the boundaries can lead to negative publicity, unexpected financial losses, fines and other severe sanctions. We assess corruption risks, design effective programs and train personnel to control and minimize these risks.

Fraud and Other Irregularities

With expertise in accounting, auditing, process and data analysis we can quickly and discreetly identify potential frauds out of large amounts of data in physical or electronic form. The investigations can direct internal decision making and they can be utilized in court. We tailor and implement controls and routines to minimize risks for future irregularities and train personnel and set up channels where employees can anonymously report suspicions and flaws.

Background Investigation of People and Companies

It´s important to know the people and companies you do business with. We can carry out extensive background checks on people and companies in order to identify red flags which may have a major impact on your business relationships. These types of investigations are primarily conducted using publicly available information, but they also often require access to other sources that are not commonly available to the public.

Expert Opinions in Disputes

When companies or organizations are sued or they are harmed by misconduct we evaluate the economic losses and provide objective and independent expert opinions. We cover breaches of contracts, breaches against warranties, stoppages, intrusions to immaterial rights, terminations of lease, interpretations of accounting standards and disputes among shareholders. Our experienced employees are prepared to voice expert opinions in court.

*"Preventing Employee Theft and Fraud" European Journal of Social Sciences - Volume 12, Number 2 (2009)


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Forensic Service Leader Finland
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