From Africa to Finland

Meet our new Cyber Partner Karthi Pillay

Karthi Pillay brings our Nordic clients a brilliant combination of cyber risk and manufacturing industry expertise, broad knowledge in risk management and long advisory experience. What made him leave South Africa’s warm climate, beautiful coastline and over 300 sunny days in a year?

Exploring the Finnish culture and lifestyle

Karthi Pillay has worked as a leading Risk Advisory Partner in Deloitte South Africa for the past eight years. Karthi and his family moved to Finland in May 2017. He is married to a Finn and they have two daughters (2 and 5 years), who both speak fluent English and Finnish. “As our family grew, we became excited about exploring Finland for its beauty, safety, lakes and culture. This is the main reason our family relocated to Finland”, Karthi explains

Karthi’s background is in engineering and his career started in British Oxygen Co and after that he worked in the French oil company Total based in South Africa. Finally, he found his home at Deloitte 16 years ago. His passion and excitement lies in the areas of growth; specifically related to industry and clients. In this spirit Karthi has numerous local and global roles. The current roles include being the Global Advisory leader for the Industrial Product & Services sector and being the Global Lead Business Partner for a Crown Jewel client of the Firm.

This is what I’m meant to do

In Finland, Karthi leads our Cyber Risk services and continues his strong presence at clients, initiating strategic conversations with the senior management of large corporations. “I want to make an impact for our clients in the Finnish and Nordic markets by bringing my wealth of global experience at their service. My aim is to share ideas and solve problems for our clients by leveraging the extensive Deloitte intellectual property and resources and by developing sincere client relationships”, Karthi says.

“I actually don’t see this as a job, I never have. I see this as a calling.

"My passion is to solve our clients’ most complicated problems. I’m also totally convinced that Deloitte with 250 000 people is well positioned to partner with our clients to add significant value", he continues.

Karthi is excited about his family’s journey in Finland and learning and appreciating the Finnish culture and lifestyle. “I am also looking forward to working with innovative, dedicated and committed leaders of the Finnish economy”, Karthi concludes.

What you didn’t know about Karthi 

“I’ve been playing volleyball and beach volleyball for 20 years. I’m also very interested and eager to learn more about wine, coffee and art.”

Oliko tieto hyödyllistä?