Reimagining the workforce and workplace  

Human capital is core to any successful business strategy

This has become clearer in the face of major disruptions and changes that confronted us in the recent years. Courage, judgement and flexibility are qualities that only humans and human-led teams can bring. In our Human Capital Trends 2021, however, we have learnt that there is still a wide gap between how senior leadership considers work force and the people at work, as well as among companies.

The latest report shows that companies who were 'very prepared' for the pandemic were twice as likely to recognise the importance of organising work to facilitate rapid decision-making and nearly three times more ready to leverage worker adaptability and mobility to navigate future disruptions.


 The report guides you through topics from workforce well-being to team building and collaborations, exploring how companies can bring out the human strength that underlie a thriving organisation.

Read more about the report Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2021 and the responses from Finland. Click here for the full report. 

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