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Your personal cyber security assistant in an increasingly complex digital world 

The new Rona mobile application helps its users to be more cyber aware, and to understand the wide variation of cyber threats and to act wisely in digital platforms, providing guidance on tackling threats in a timely manner

Rona guides its users in cybersecurity in this unpredictable digital environment

The Rona application delivers alerts, tips and briefs, preparing its user for cyber threats. It also provides an easy, smart way to reach an audience regardless of time and place—even when traditional means of communication, such as emails, cannot be used. In the background, it uses Deloitte’s global Cyber Intelligence Center (which is on call 24/7 for cyber threats) for the application’s content. 

Rona is an easy-to-use app for getting relevant information in a timely and reliable manner. 


How Rona app works

How does Rona work?

The user receives the following essential tips and instructions via the mobile application:

Useful information on current cyber threats 

Practical tips how to avoid different cyber threats that might affect the user 

Alerts and instructions in the case of an acute cyber attack or suspicion of an attack 

The organization using the service can track how users responds to the messages sent to them. 

Rona - Your personal cyber security assistant in an increasingly complex digital world

Deloitte Finland and Rona Finland have joined forces to protect organizations and individuals from the increasing number of cyber threats. Individuals’ attitudes and actions are key in cyber security. Rona brings a new, efficient and interesting way to provide cyber security. The application increases awareness of everyday cyber risks and provides guidance in the case of threats.  Rona perfectly complements traditional training and communication solutions that an organization might have. 

Collaboration between Rona & Deloitte Finland

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Hannu Kasanen

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Karthi Pillay

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