Securing the value creation with IoT

A holistic perspective on security in IoT

Securing the value creation with IoT

Everybody is talking about Internet of Things (IoT), and the potential it is bringing to businesses and individuals. A defining element of the IoT is that objects are not merely smart – equipped with sensors and processing power – but also connected: able to share the information they generate. What separates the IoT from the traditional Internet is the removal of people. The Internet is powered by humans inputting data: search terms, e-retail browsing, looking up a friend’s social media page. Based upon the answers, they make decisions about how to act: whether to visit the site, buy the sweater, or “like” a friend’s photo.

With the IoT, the role of humans diminishes, to the point that in many cases they are removed from the equation: Machines input, communicate, analyze, and act upon the information. Using sensor detection, machines can create information about individuals’ behavior, analyze it, and take action – ideally in the form of streamlined, tailored products and services or, in the case of businesses, greater efficiencies. This newfound capability is why the IoT enables enterprises and individuals alike to create value in new ways, at a faster velocity than we’ve ever seen (see the diagram “The Information Value Loop”).

Value creation will be one of the fundamental features of IoT, whereby enterprises need to look for new business models, new ecosystems, new ways to describe their value they create and also new thoughts how to share the value.


Deloitte: Teppo Rantanen (Partner, Global), Kristian Herland (Consultant)
Conscia Netsafe: Emanuel Lipschütz (CTO, Johanna Calais
Cisco: Andreas Edin Carlsson

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