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Team Deloitte is the winner of Nokia Hackathon 2018

Stay vigilant – Hackers are out here!  

Highest number of attack vectors in any target system

In January 2018 Deloitte hackers participated in the third annual Nokia Hackathon. The team, the winner of the first hackathon in 2016 and defender of last year’s second place, was a winner again this year. We brought a few of the world’s best hackers to the competition. Our team had members from the six time winners of “CyberLympics” – the unofficial hacking world championships. It was all fun and games for the full day at Nokia’s beautiful Customer Experience Center.

There were almost 100 fellow hackers from our dearest competitors, but also students from Aalto University,  Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences. Really good to see that the next generation of ethical hackers are already on the make.

During the competition we got to hack systems and technologies that will empower the future of Nokia 5G networks. We and the other teams helped Nokia to find security vulnerabilities in current and future products (it’s always cool to hack prototypes). Thank you Nokia for organizing this competition!

Deloitte team was the winner of the highest number of attack vectors in any target system (team category). During the mere 6 hours we ended up reporting a staggering 92 findings with 440,3 CVSS points. For non-techie readers: that equals a lot! Our winning team will enjoy the trip to Berlin in spring time together with other category winners.

By the way Nokia, we also cracked the code of that fancy T-shirt, is that worth of few extra points for the next year’s competition.

Can you crack this code?

Nokia hackathon

Team Deloitte:
James Gratchoff (NL)
Kristian Herland (FI)
Rikkert ten Klooster (NL
Cedric Van Bockhaven (NL)

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