Financial advisory tailored for the client’s needs – case Cembrit


Financial advisory tailored for the client’s needs 

− case Cembrit

Cembrit Production Oy, based in Lohja, needed an independent and experienced financial officer for a stand-in position. The company, which manufactures fibrecement building products, was beginning the annual financial planning process. Aided by Deloitte’s Interim Finance Manager, Cembrit quickly and flexibly obtained an expert with extensive experience in the same kind of industry and finance processes in which Cembrit needed help.

Case Cembrit Production Oy

“With the help of Deloitte’s Interim Finance Manager, we got visibility in our product costing , and we completed both the forecast and the budget on schedule. We also improved the transparency, implementation, and ownership of our financial planning throughout the whole organisation.”

Janne Pohjalainen
Managing Director, Cembrit Production Oy

The adoption of the new ERP system, and through it the changes in product costing, spurred Cembrit in June 2016 to consider the need for an external perspective on their financial management. The company had prior experience of working with Deloitte on auditing. After the first contact from Cembrit things began to progress quickly, even though the holiday season was beginning.

According to Cembrit Managing Director Janne Pohjalainen, Deloitte’s Interim Finance Manager smoothly and quickly fitted in to the management group, offering valuable perspectives for developing processes and working methods in finance and other areas.

“We are extremely satisfied with the way the Interim Finance Manager acted as part of the organisation and as part of our project team, and with the manager’s ability to take responsibility and offer fresh perspectives, acting practically as a member of Cembrit’s own organisation,” Pohjalainen says.

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