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May 2018


  • The World Trade Organization's (WTO) dispute settlement body has formally adopted a ruling that found that Russian anti-dumping duties that are being levied against European light commercial vehicles (LCVs) are inconsistent with global trade rules.
  • The European Commission has published a regulation making imports of electric bicycles originating in China subject to registration.


  • Colombia: The tax authorities have released an opinion regarding the VAT tax base for goods imported from free trade zones.
  • Colombia: The industry and commerce tax resulting from cable, internet and fixed telephony services must be paid in the municipality where the subscriber is located.

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: The 2018-19 federal Budget contained a number of indirect tax changes, including a new GST measure on certain offshore sales.
  • Australia: Victoria has announced a new point of consumption wagering tax.
  • Malaysia: With effect from 1 June 2018, a 0% rate will apply to all goods and services that were subject to GST at 6%.
  • New Zealand: Non-resident retailers selling to New Zealand consumers will be required to register for and charge New Zealand GST.


  • GCC: There are VAT and excise tax updates from the GCC.
  • Austria: There has been a CJEU judgment on linear triangulation.
  • Finland: The Government has released a proposal to implement the EU Voucher Directive.
  • Finland: There has been a Court ruling regarding the deductibility of VAT on costs related to the sale of immovable property.
  • Finland: Customs' comparison data on imports of goods is now available in MyTax.
  • France: There have been two recent court decisions on VAT permanent establishment exposure in France.
  • Hungary: The deadline is approaching for the real-time invoice data provision obligation.
  • Hungary: There remains uncertainty regarding the application of recent CJEU judgments on whether it is possible to reduce VAT base on bad debts.
  • Iceland: Changes have been proposed to the treatment of VAT on sales of cross-border sales.
  • Iceland: Changes are also proposed to the application of the lower VAT rate, VAT input tax on certain vehicles, and the sale of paper and magazine subscriptions in hardcopy.
  • Iceland: There is also a proposal to allow VAT registration for foreign businesses through a simplified registration scheme.
  • Ireland: The Advocate General of the CJEU has issued an Opinion on VAT recovery on costs incurred in an unsuccessful takeover.
  • Italy: Technical rules on e-invoicing have been published.
  • Italy: Clarifications have been issued on the application of the split payment mechanism.
  • Italy: New rules have been introduced regarding the VAT refund procedure.
  • Italy: There are new excise duty provisions.
  • Italy: A measurement system for supplying diesel fuel or fuel oil for maritime navigation will be required.
  • Malta: The European Commission has issued a letter of formal notice regarding yacht leasing.
  • Malta: The Court of Appeal has adjudicated on the right to claim input VAT on capital expenditure after a change of intentions.
  • Netherlands: There is no possibility to commence tax proceedings against the cancellation of a VAT identification number.
  • Netherlands: There has been a final Supreme Court decision in the case of Stadion Amsterdam.
  • Portugal: There has been a court decision on the right to deduct input VAT incurred with a ceased supplier.
  • South Africa: Anti-dumping duties applicable to fully threaded screws with hexagon heads from China have been terminated.
  • South Africa: Interested parties are invited to comment on an application for an increase in the Dollar-Based Reference Price for sugar.
  • Spain: The General State Budget 2018 Draft Law included a number of proposed indirect tax measures.
  • United Kingdom: A case concerning an offshore advertising structure has been remitted to the First-tier Tribunal.
  • United Kingdom: The Upper Tribunal has confirmed that there was no third party consideration in a loyalty points scheme for VAT purposes.
  • United Kingdom: A Tribunal has held that a supply was that of booklets, not services.
  • United Kingdom: A Tribunal has held that loan administration services are subject to VAT.
  • United Kingdom: The tax authorities have published a co-operation agreement for online marketplaces.

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