Business Process Solutions (BPS)


Business Process Solutions (BPS)

Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions (BPS) and tax practices can help companies identify that unique approach by assessing operational effectiveness, identifying opportunities to enhance strategic insight and operational efficiencies, and developing an incremental path to improvement by leveraging alternative resource models. Deloitte’s approach assists businesses in improving the management, oversight, and control of their accounting, tax, and human resources processes through outsourcing and a flexible mix of in-house and external resources.

Tax Compliance and Advisory

Deloitte's tax compliance and advisory methodology provides businesses with an efficient way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting deadlines. Services are commonly bundled with finance and accounting to create a turnkey compliance and reporting solution. Extensive regional reach supported by local depth of knowledge and experience provides businesses the transparency and flexibility to address a full range of local and regional tax needs.

Deloitte's services can include:

  • Direct tax
  • Indirect tax
  • Tax filing
  • Tax provision
  • Turnkey start up support
  • Tax data integration
Compliance and Advisory


Deloitte Outsourcing services include a full range of finance, accounting and payroll services to growing and evolving businesses. We offer analytical and recording services for the financial activities of a business, and the preparation of various materials covering the financial transaction life cycle. In our scope is recording transactions, closing books, and preparing reports for internal and external stakeholders, payroll management and payroll system support. We also provide functional outsourcing services, e.g. compilation of financial statements and company income tax return.


Finance and Accounting
Recording of transactions for all balances in the financial statements. This may include collecting customer invoices and employee expenses, and recording taxes/provisions with respect to various business transactions to enable preparation and maintaining of general ledgers, journals, supplier and vendor lists, bank statements, inventories, and books of accounts required by local and international standards. Our service methodology includes reconciliations of accounts between local books and corporate accounting facilitating the integrity and accuracy of general ledger balances.

Payroll Services
Deloitte offers payroll services that can help improve efficiency of traditionally complex and time consuming tasks for both local and global businesses. Leveraging strategic perspective and technology can help align a company’s practices and policies with its corporate vision, open new channels of communication, and improve processes, and help manage costs.

Contract Personnel

Businesses today are facing a rapidly evolving landscape including regulatory changes, continued advances in technology, and the adoption of more sophisticated approaches by revenue authorities. These challenges are driving businesses to rethink the appropriate mix of in-house and external resources in efficiently managing essential operational processes with visibility, flexibility, transparency and control. To assist businesses, we offer professionals working as interim specialists or managers and as part of the client’s finance team under the client’s supervision and management.


Deloitte’s business process solutions team takes care, for example, of complex reconciliations, finance process optimisations and Shared Service Center start-up related questions. In these assignments we work closely together with our tax and audit specialists from various expertise areas.

Our Global BPS Practice

Business Process Solutions, or BPS, is one of the lines of business in tax. BPS focuses on helping our clients resolve the challenges faced by today's businesses: constant evolvement, which includes regulatory changes; ongoing technological progress; and the adoption of increasingly sophisticated data capture focuses on the part of the authorities.

Our BPS practice responds to these challenges through flexible operation support services focused on compliance and supporting the required reports, helping companies improve their performance and be more efficient.

We help our clients manage their accounting, taxes, payroll, human resources and technological processes through more than 4,700 experienced professionals in over 100 countries, who provide advice and practical support through outsourcing, co-sourcing, contract personnel and project-related services.

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