Media Consumer 2015


Media Consumer 2015

The signal and the noise

This year marks the ninth annual Media Consumer Survey, presenting our view on the major trends that are impacting the media landscape and how the UK population ‘consumes’ media.

The landscape for the UK media consumer is substantially different to what it was just 5 years ago. The advancement of smartphones, 4G coverage and social media, are a few examples that have all proliferated and changed the way we consume media.

Visit our dedicated site to discover more on the latest trends and findings and our generational media consumer personas: TV usage is now based on habits, short form video is becoming a media category in its own right and consumers are turning into social media connoisseurs watching big blockbuster releases on demand and checking the latest news online. 

Matthew Guest
Head of Digital Strategy Consulting, EMEA

Matthew Guest is Head of Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice in EMEA. He helps executives in a range of industries position their organisations for growth in digital. His team works with clients to develop visions for their futures, disrupt industries or respond to disruption in their own and apply growth hacking and lean start up techniques to change their operations, organisations and cultures. 

Contact in Finland:

Jukka Petteri Suortti
Partner, Deloitte Finland 

JP Suortti is a partner leading Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry in Finland. He has over 15 years of consulting experience during which he has advised leading broadcasters, publishers, studios, information service providers, operators as well as network equipment and device manufacturers in Europe, US and Asia. JP’s personal specialism is in designing and leading technology enabled business transformation.

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