Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2014


Over the last 12 months, the amount of downloaded apps has dramatically decreased, though the number of smartphones and tablets has increased heavily.

- Over 50% of Finnish smartphone users have never purchased an app and only a few are paying for the apps regularly - For many Finns, the morning starts with smartphones – more than 50% of them check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up and over 90% within an hour

Over the past years, the popularity of smartphones has grown steadily and so far there are no signs of slowdown. Approximately two thirds of all Finns own or have access to a smartphone. Finland still lags behind the European average.

Basic phones start to be rare among the youngsters – as basic models are used only by 20% of young Finns.

The number of people using tablets has also increased regardless of the age. Tablets are now most popular among 35-44 year olds (42%), which is 20% more than last year. Tablets are also popular in other age groups: in the group of 55+ years tablets are used by one fourth and by every third among people under 35 years.

Finland still lags behind the European average

The amount of downloaded apps has dramatically decreased since 2013. In a typical month, more than 40% of Finns don't download any new apps. Last year the corresponding number was 28%. Only 4% of consumers download more than four apps in a month. Among the more senior people, the app downloads are even rarer – more than every fourth of 55+ year old people have never downloaded an app.

Moreover, purchasing an app is even more uncommon as more than half of the Finns have never purchased an app. Though playing games is popular among the youngsters, only a few pay for games. More than 50% of 18-24 year old Finns play games on a weekly basis. However, only 12% of them pay for the games on a monthly basis and just 7% buy virtual goods for the games. Playing games is also popular among 35-44 year old Finns (39%) but only 5% of them pay for the games on a monthly basis.

“Using applications has changed: we now have passed the first wave of enthusiasm and the competition in the app business is getting even harder. Consumers mainly use apps that serve for their personal needs and they are familiar with. For this reason, only the best and most well-known applications survive. The same trend can be seen around the globe. This in turn creates pressure for companies to bring new innovative apps to the market not only fast but also in a visible way. In application business, it is difficult to obtain a long lasting competitive advantage”, reminds Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader Jukka-Petteri Suortti.

Only the best apps survive

The wake up routine of the most smartphone owners starts by checking who has been in touch with them overnight. Most smartphone owners first check their text messages, followed by email and then social networks. People under 25 years first check their social networks and then instant messages.

More than half of the Finns use their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up and more than 90% within an hour of waking up. 35% of smartphone users say they are using their phone more than 25 times per day whereas Finns under 25 years use their smartphones approximately 55 times per day.

Wake up and plug in

Unlimited data transfer has become even more popular since 2013. Unlike in many other countries, the majority of the Finnish smartphone owners (61%) use unlimited data packages. Furthermore, the 4G subscriptions and phones are still quite rare but the number is growing fast. Next year could be a game changer in the Finnish mobile network business as 20% of all respondents are likely to get their first 4G subscription. Consumers feel that they don’t pay any premium for 4G subscription compared to 3G but according to statistics they receive 5-10 times faster speed with 4G.

“If the prices for mobile networks stay unchanged, mobile network remains to be the most popular type of Internet connection for smartphones in Finland. Currently mobile network is used by almost 70% of Finnish smartphone users”, concludes Suortti. 

In Finland mobile network is still affordable while 4G network increases its popularity


Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey surveyed 40 000 respondents in 20 different countries. The comprehensive report, in its fourth year on smartphone and mobile phone behaviour, covers Finns’ dependency on their phones, 4G, apps purchasing habits, and the growth of instant messaging.

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